Sunday, March 17, 2013

What to say?

Hi Jammers! Yeah, i don't know what to write. Soon, i will make story about animals of Jamaa. Hope you will like it ^.^. Anyways, i promised contest, but im not sure should i hold it cause we don't have a lot fans of blog. Happy Jamming!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Back on AJH

Hi there! Yeah, today im coming back on AJH. Sorry for leaving without telling i quit my blog. I just was really lazy. So if you have any questions, ask me. Also, this time blog wont be about new items, it will be about advantures. Happy Jamming!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New items and more

Hi Jammers! Sorry, i didn't post yesterday cuz i was sick whole day. Okay, so first, yesterdays gift is Candy Cane Lights, from last year.
Also, yesterday old item came back. It is Candle Ornament. What do you think?
And, todays daily gift is Fireplace, from the last year.
Also, today one more cool item came in Epic Wonders. It is Three Horned Armor. I love it, what do you think?

Okay, so, im going to do quiz next week. Probably on 14th, im not sure. So, prizes will be:
- Pink Mummy Glove
- Pink Mummy Glove
- Pink Dragon Glove
- White Mummy Glove.
So, if you want to be in the quiz, just comment your username. Also, on 25th (Christmas) i will update my AJMV. Song: My Only Wish Singer: Britney Spears. Well, thats all for now. Happy Jamming!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jamaalidays *_*

Hi there! Today was new update, but first, new items and todays gift. Todays gift was 400 gems. And, Jolly Elf Hat came back in Jam Mart Clothing.

And, in Jam Mart Furniture, Gingerbread Tree came back.
Okay, now update. So, Jamaalidays are here, Happy Jamaalidays :).
Raindeers came back ^.^, you could get them this summer in Jamaaliday Party.
Also, they putted 4 more spaces for animals, i bought one more lion ^.^.
Also, they changed animals look, when you are going to buy one.
Isn't it cute ^.^? Also, AJHQ putted new video about Alphas in Jammers Central, in the Jamaaliday Jamaa Township.
Also, i have another sad drama. Today, i walked Jamaas Township. Jammer00071 saw me and asked did i quit, i said no. Then i said im going to play TFM (Transformice), and she said; hey, wanna meet me there? I said ok. When we met, she asked me how old i am. I said 13. Then i asked her how old is she, she said this: Please don't tell this to anyone. I am 10. I said ok. Then she admited that she is 15. I said ok. Then i don't know with what reason she started to insult me. (this is inappropriate)
(Jammer00071 is Fatmouseroks)
Then, she said she quit because that. Because what, please? Well, it is all for now. Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jamaaliday Mailbox and more ^.^

Hi Jammers! How are you today? First, todays daily Jamaaliday Gift is Jamaaliday Mailbox. Cool, ain't it?
I like it cause it wasn't sent last year. What do you think?
And, two new items, well one new, other was sold last Jamaalidays. Real new item you can buy in Epic Wonders. It is Jamaaliday Wreath. I think its really cool. You?

And, other new item, sold last Jamaalidays is Frosting Icicles (sorry, it is on Jamaaliday Party so i cant get there right now).
Well, that is all for now. Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Round Ornament

Hi Jammers! Wazzup? Today is 4th day of December, and daily Jamaaliday gift is Snow Angel. It is from last Jamaalidays. Really, im so sad. When i first saw first Jamaaliday gift i though that they will send new gifts. They don't have a lot of imagination. Well, here it is.
And, in Jam Mart Furniture, you can find one more renturning rare; Round Ornament. It is so epic ^.^.
And, i wanted to say this now, from 11th, December i will update my blog. It will be full Christmas Edition. Why 11th? Idk xD. Well, that is all for now. Happy Jamming!

Monday, December 3, 2012

A lot of new items

Hi there! Sorry, i didn't post yesterday. Okay, lets start. Yesterday present was 300 gems. Im not very happy. So, yesterday came two new items, Epic Jamaaliday Tree in Jam Mart Furniture.
And, Wreath Necklace in Jam Mart Clothing. You can get it in Claw on Trading Party too.
And, todays present is Snowflake Rug, like last year.
Today is Rare Monday, so another "rare" item came. You can find them in Jam Mart Clothing. They are Rare Antlers.
That is all for now. Happy Jamming!